Our Purpose: “Changing Lives, Creating Success”

At CVL we believe that we change lives to create success. Our purpose guides us in how we work with individuals and teams to help you transform who you are and achieve what you desire. Our focus is on people and relationships as much as innovative thinking and sound decisions. We believe that it’s at the human level results are achieved. The team at CVL care for individuals and all are personally driven by our work with great people to bring about great things.

Our Vision Symbol



Our purpose comes alive through the results we achieve with our clients.  Together, we build on these results, layer by layer, connecting each layer throughout the process, to create a shared vision of the future.  The pyramid in the logo is the symbol we use to show these layers and interconnectedness. The symbol is a visual reminder to keep us on track with our vision.   This is our story. Your success becomes our success. Your vision becomes part of our future.

Our Critical Success Factors:

We have five Critical Success Factors that we focus on to help you create a stronger future:

  1. We develop Repeatable Value Models so that we leverage what has worked to generate value for you. Our models are flexible so that they can be tuned to fit your needs. We discuss with you what those needs are and create a tailored programme to help you achieve your goals.
  2. We bring Connected, Dynamic Thinking to every engagement. We think holistically and look for multiple perspectives to find the solution. With this approach we are also dynamic, we do not hold fixed views on what might work, we constantly apply our judgment and the latest in techniques to create our outcomes.
  3. We bring a Respected and Networked team. Through our intellect, achievements and authenticity we are a credible group who hold strong networks that we can leverage in working with you.
  4. We are a Tight, Energised Team, constantly looking for the right question to unlock the potential in a person or situation. We work consistently and with care as a team and bring the energy to look beyond the surface for your benefit.
  5. We seek Accelerated Growth through our client engagements. By delivering value to you, we create value for our organisation. We are ambitious; seeking to facilitate the building of successful, growing organisations. Together we can creat positive impact on New Zealand’s economical and environmental climates.