The range of services offered by CVL are targeted at helping corporate and community leaders bring about positive change and deliver outcomes that can be sustained over long periods. Our services are often equally applicable to individuals as they are to organisations.

When we work with your teams we seek to build capability, ensure activity is focused on results and ensure leaders are enlisting both hearts and minds in strategy.

When we work with individuals we seek to create experiences that build personal insights, new skills and grow confidence. We take a holistic approach that will benefit you throughout your personal and professional life.

CVL’s range of programmes and services encompass the following areas:


Specifically our services cover the following:

Shared Visioning  -  Vision Creation, Strategic Analysis, Strategy Development and Implementation Planning

Authentic Leadership – Leadership Development Programmes,  Personal Purpose, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Coaching, Mentoring and Relationship Development.

Change Leadership – Behavioural Change Programmes, Team Development and Influencing Culture

Partnering – Partnering Assessment, Partnering Implementation Support, and Partnering Culture.