Our Approach


The CVL engagement model starts with understanding.  We seek to build an intimate understanding of your businesss context and the relationship dynamics to ensure we can provide you with the best recommendations.

When our understanding is developed we work collaboratively with you to design the right solution.   We are flexible, and opportunities for iterations ensure that the solution is right and respond to your business dynamics as they are implemented.

In addition to delivering on the required outcomes, CVL adds value through offering insights and ideas throughout the relationship. We can provide a different and valuable perspective.

Our Principles

Our service principles drive the approach that we take in working with our clients and in developing our solutions.  

We skillfully tailor our services to meet client needs:

  • We work extensively with you to fully grasp the most important elements involved in achieving results and create, together, a clear picture of what success looks like.
  • Nothing is off-the shelf; every situation is reviewed and analysed. Then custom solutions are created.

We believe in building capability for our services within organisations: 

  •  We are engaged as advisors and mentors; we enable you to create change and cannot accept the full outsource of outcomes.
  •  We adopt a mature Train the Trainer model to give you the capability to succeed.

We offer practical methods:

  • We focus on outcomes.
  • We use robust theoretical models that have been refined through multiple implementations.
  • Our facilitators are experienced leaders who can share the journey with the participants.

We believe quality research and practical implementation bring about the biggest change:

  • We constantly refine our CVL programme content and approaches.
  • We have a range of online tools to support learning.
  • We are in partnership with a host of international visionaries to draw on a wide pool of wisdom and respond swiftly to emerging developments.