Pat McShane MBA (Dist) – Director

Pat McShane

Pat is a caring leader who excels in getting the best out of people. He supports and challenges his clients, enabling them to push their boundaries to achieve results.

Pat is an experienced leader with wide ranging experience in the financial services, health, government and technology sectors. He has a passion for leadership and has excelled in creating environments with a strong sense of purpose and direction. Throughout his career he has focused on ensuring his teams have strong organisational visions, values and strategies. Through his Massey University MBA programme he built on his practical experiences through the application of new academic tools and findings to drive transformational change in his role as an organisational leader and business consultant.

Pat’s experience focuses strongly on organisational development and change. He has extensive experience working at senior levels of organisations in helping to facilitate and create significant strategic and cultural change. His belief in people making the difference is strongly supported by his ability to build trust and confidence with the people he works with which ultimately produces high quality and enduring organisational growth.

Feedback from Pat’s clients clearly show they appreciate his knowledge of organisational development and change but particularly acknowledge his ability to dig deep and get the most out of people.

Clients that Pat has recently worked with include:

  • NZ Defence Force
  • PowerNet
  • Ryman Healthcare
  • Higgins
  • Real Estate Authority
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Financial Markets Authority
  • Connetics
  • City Care Limited
  • ServiceIQ