Luc Shorter – Senior Consultant

Tracy Street

Luc is a natural communicator who thrives on bringing personal purpose to the forefront.

Luc is a people focused designer, coach, and facilitator focused on developing plans and actions to support customer outcomes. Luc excels in supporting individuals and organisations through conflict and shaping positive team cultures. Luc values curiosity, favouring an enquiry-based method to help guide others to build the answers that are best for them.

Working across the private, non-profit and government sectors, combined with roles on multiple boards as a director, trustee, chair and chief executive Luc brings a wealth of experience to draw from. He has supported teams through large developments and change projects and has developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges that occur vertically and horizontally while navigating change.

Luc has an aptitude for supporting clients on their personal purpose journey, promoting personal change and self-awareness to support the growth of teams and cultures. He is successful at getting to the heart of issues and delivering outcomes with empathy.


To enquire about coaching with Luc, please contact the CVL Programme Team on 0800 742 853 or email Tara Kerr at