DR. Campbell Thompson, D.Psych – Senior Consultant

Campbell Thompson

Campbell is a Doctor of Applied Psychology, specialising in individual and team performance in high stakes, high pressure environments. He has over 12 years’ experience with a wide range of individuals and teams across the sporting, corporate and performing arts worlds as a consultant, facilitator and coach.

He currently leads psychology programmes for three of NZ’s Olympic sports and supports teams on the ground at ‘pinnacle’ events like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

As a consultant, Campbell supports and challenges organisational and team leaders to set the conditions for teams to thrive and excel on the world’s biggest stages. As a coach, Campbell helps high performing individuals to map and navigate the personal growth they need to achieve their goals, and to foster individual, family and community well-being.

Campbell currently works as the lead psychologist for three of New Zealand’s National Sports Organisations. Campbell has also supported New Zealand teams on the ground at World Cups and major events such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the Rio 2016Olympic Games and 2016 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. He also facilitates and present on topics such as authentic leadership, resilience and mental skills in the corporate and public sectors.

Campbell trained via an honours degree in Experimental Psychology from Bristol University in the UK, and a Doctorate of Applied Psychology from Victoria University in Melbourne. His research focused on the individual differences that allow performers to maintain well-being and performance under sustained psychological pressure. Campbell is also a mindfulness meditation teacher and in his own practice focuses on being the best he can be as a husband, as the father of two little girls and as a recreational surfer and gardener.

Recent clients that Campbell has worked with include:

  • New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
  • Chorus


To enquire about coaching with Campbell, please contact the CVL Programme Team on 0800 742 853 or email Tara Kerr at Tara@cvl.co.nz